Cats with Paralysis and Mobility Challenges - Facebook Group

Discussion, advice and support for cats with rear paralyzed cats and other conditions that limit and/or challenge mobility (i.e. CH, twisted leg, amputations, congenital birth defects).

These conditions do not have to be a death sentence even though many vets think they are. These cats can lead a long, happy and healthy life with the proper care.

This is a wonderful supportive group. It is a closed group, simply request to join. If you get a message from one of the Administrators (I am one of them), please also mention in your reply you found out about the group here!

Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats and Kittens - Facebook Group

Our group is dedicated to the awareness of a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia, sometimes referred to as Wobbly Kitty Syndrome. Some kitties listed may have similar symptoms but not diagnosed as CH. We try to provide help and education for all walks of life around the World so more CH kitties are given the gift of life. 

Dogs with FCE and other disabilities - Facebook Group

We are hoping more pet owners are aware of FCE fibrocartilaginous embolism. If your dog is stricken with this condition, it maybe very heartbreaking. Here you can share your stories and experiences with others who have gone through this scary experience.