My name is Ropa. I have rear-paralysis. So that means that I tend to scooty-patooty around my house instead of walking like my able-bodied sister. I have conquered many problems related to my lack of hind leg usage and find my life to be rather suitable. I can climb up, over, and under furniture and stairs are only something fun that I master in my free time. 


The one thing that I haven’t been able to adapt to myself is a leaky bladder. My mom expresses me several times a day, but still I leak. So starting at five weeks old, my mom started me out in disposable diapers. Now let me tell you, I am one fast kitty and those diapers rarely stayed on!!  Until my mom found Fancy Pants All-In-Ones!! Now, not only do my diapers stay on, but they are very fashionable and I love to show them off whenever I can!

My name is Holly,

I’m Ropa’s mom. Having a kitty that needs diapers can be a challenge; after all, these kids have no hips!  I was getting by before Terri Morgan created the Fancy Pants All-In-Ones, but now I just cannot say enough about how much I love them:

  • They are super easy to put on
  • They are made specifically for my kitty, so they fit perfect
  • They are very absorbent
  • The water proof covering keeps my floors super clean
  • They don’t pick dirt or dust while Ropa is scooting around the house
  • Cloth diapers are fantastic for our environment
  • They wash right up with no fuss (even after poops)
  • AND….my kitty looks super cute!!

Try them, you will love them!                        

Holly S. Fahey