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FYI! - Fancy Pants 4 Pets is moving to Texas! We will be packing beginning September 15th and Settled in and ready to go again by October 3rd. Please note that any order received between September 15th and September 22nd may see an additional 5 days added to normal production to shipping time. If you are in urgent need please let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate you!

At Fancy Pants 4 Pets we understand when a beloved pet begins to have special needs. Whether your furry friend is a senior, a young animal in heat, is recovering from surgery, or may even have incontinence issues due to an injury, we know you want the best for them in keeping them both clean and happy!


Pictured above is Rocko, our wonderful inspiration for creating Fancy Pants. Rocko was found at four weeks' old as a paraplegic kitten, and we were not able to find anything that would stay on such a squirmy, rambunctious kitten!

This is how Fancy Pants diaper covers came to be. While Rocko has since past, we have developed additional products such as our All-In-Ones and All-In-Twos that carry on his legacy.


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