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Depending on the number of orders ahead of yours, shipment may be 2-3 weeks. All orders are custom and made to order. At times a color or print may not be available when your order is cut based on orders ahead of yours having the same request, we will email you and ask you to chose another print or color, this doesn't happen often and we are sorry for any inconvenience if it does. If you have an urgent need, please contact us, we will do our best to accommodate you. ************************************************** What are Fancy Pants 4 Pets? They are the economical and stylish way to keep your special needs pet dry and happy and your home clean and odor free. Fancy Pants 4 Pet original covers go over disposable diapers, the strong Velcro and additional protection help keep those disposables on!----- Fancy Pants 4 Pets all-in-ones are just that. Everything you need in one waterproof, washable very absorbent diaper.---- Fancy Pants 4 Pets NEW All-in-twos, have all the great attributes of the All-in-one, but one step better. Removable/washable pads with the same waterproof outer shell, making changing a breeze. Not to wet or messy, just pop in another pad. Save Money, save laundry with All-in-twos.----- Drag Bags are extra protection for those that are prone to leg and foots sores, or for outdoor adventuring! Whether you choose our covers or our all-in-ones or All-in-twos, Fancy Pants 4 pets will help make your life easier and your pet happier.********************************************************************** In purchasing any item from Fancy Pants 4 Pets you agree not to reproduce in any manner, in part or in whole, for personal use or resale.
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